"Our Mission is to help your Business thrive."
Pascal Warnecke
Founder & Managing Director

Let’s face it.

A true marketing leader who understands modern marketing is extremely hard to find.

The marketing technology landscape is changing incredibly fast and huge Social Media platforms keep changing the rules of the game.

Many entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs and even Chief Marketing Officers are often overwhelmed by this changing environment and struggle to even begin crafting an effective growth strategy that delivers revenue-generating results consistently. 

Therefore, it is really no wonder that CMOs are the most fired C-level executives across verticals.

Marketing, in the mind of most managers, is an elusive art.

Most typically, you either find a “superstar”, who seems to have the magic touch in sales or marketing, or you have constant fluctuation in your marketing and sales team with a reliance on short-lived campaigns, occasional events, networking or word of mouth marketing – with no effective control over consistent growth and strategy.

Until someone gets the job done.

The major challenge of today’s CMOs is to cover the entire spectrum of tools and strategies. 

Here’s just a sample of skills that modern marketing managers need to tackle...

They need to understand storytelling, behavioral psychology, data and analytics, design and UX and have the ability to position their company as unique in the marketplace.

They need to cover...

·      Funnel Marketing

·      SEO

·      Copywriting

·      Conversion Rate Optimization

·      Email Marketing

·      Social Media

·      PR

·      Video Marketing

·      Content Marketing

·      Paid Traffic across different channels

·      Events planning and execution

·      Customer Journey Design

... and the list does not end here.

Today’s CMO needs the ability to work on the entire spectrum – from psychology, creative production to data science.

And he or she needs to constantly motivate the team and drive marketing performance – to generate new business, improve sales as well as client retention and, ultimately, increase the company’s bottom line.

It is a demanding task.

And who can do it well is very well-paid.

Companies will have to lavishly pay for headhunters or employment websites to get the right person.

Or they will just promote someone internally who they think can do the job... never really knowing what the job description truly looks like.

Thus, massively incurring opportunity costs...

So, here’s the bad news: CMOs who can effectively drive marketing, sales and revenue are a rare breed... And they are expensive.


Here’s The Really Bad News

Marketing agencies – the fall back scenario of many business owners and CEOs – are in most cases not any better and in no way the easy solution.

Unless you hire a top-notch performance marketing agency that really knows your business and your clients, you may waste a lot of money.

Marketing is not purely about creativity. It is not only about branding or getting your name out there – it is, ultimately, about earning money through the generation of leads, sales, and business.

And if you don’t know what you’re asking for in your agency, you will get something that you will find difficult to assess.

There will be plenty of activity... and cost...

...but no system for growth.


So, what’s the solution?

Your company needs a Head of Marketing – or a Chief Marketing Officer – who can manage, lead, and deliver ROI.

But instead of hiring such a person, it could be a much better option for you to have a partner at your side, who can bring in a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals to help you build a true system for growth.

As Fractional CMO we serve you as your Head ofMarketing – at a fraction of the typical cost associated with that role.

We know marketing and sales well, having led our own companies for more than 20 years, built them from scratch and grew them to multi-million Euros in revenue.

We can show you and teach your team how to build a marketing engine strategically.

Based on technology and psychology, cross-platform and cross-media.

With results based on meaningful KPIs and suited to the specific cycle of your business.

 As Fractional CMO we help your company with strategy, training, and implementation.


Let’s Have A Call To See How We Can Help You

To get started, we’ll have a short and focused 30-minute call to learn about your business first and see how we can truly help you.

Then we can meet and talk to appraise your situation, craft a strategy and help you decide, what will be your best path forward.

No long-term contracts. No expensive hiring.

When you see, based on real numbers, that our service is of help to you and your company, we stand ready to support you all the way.

If that sounds good to you, we invite you to have a call today.

Talk soon,


Pascal Warnecke

Pascal Warnecke

Founder & Managing Director
Pascal has been an entrepreneur and executive director of multiple companies for over 20 years. Together with Hendrik, he has successfully bootstrapped his first company in the financial brokerage sector, built it up to several million Euros in annual revenue, and eventually sold it to a publicly listed FinTech company. Pascal’s focus is the development and deployment of comprehensive online and cross-media marketing strategies with a strong focus on direct response.
Zheng Xu

Zheng Xu

Senior Partner for Chinese Business
Rooted in both cultures, Zheng has a deep understanding of both the Chinese and German business worlds. In the last 15 years, she has focused on supporting leading German companies to attract Chinese consumers both in Europe and China. Specialized in developing positioning strategies for major European brands in the Chinese market, Zheng has helped multiple companies increase product awareness and sales through various channels.
Hendrik Theis

Hendrik Theis

Partner Consultant
Hendrik has more than 20 years of management experience as founder and executive director of multiple companies in the financial brokerage sector as well as in real estate and eCommerce. Together with Pascal, he has successfully bootstrapped his first company, built it up to several million Euros in annual revenue, and eventually sold it to a publicly listed FinTech company. Today, Hendrik has developed a strong focus on developing refined and data-driven eCommerce strategies to help online stores grow in the new digital economy.
Xin Chang

Xin Chang

Senior Consultant for Chinese Business
Xin is a Senior Consultant for Chinese Business, having extensive experience in the development and deployment of comprehensive marketing strategies for major German brands. She is an expert on Chinese Social Media and develops from scratch sophisticated content, direct response, and creative strategies to attract and convert Chinese consumers.
Martin Munstermann

Martin Munstermann

Martin has over 20 years of experience in software development as well as in the MarTech and FinTech arenas. He has previously served as both Chief Information Officer as well as a member of the supervisory board of a leading German brokerage company.
Ibo Ahmiane

Ibo Ahmiane

The successful financial influencer - With more than two million followers across platforms, the multi-entrepreneur is not only an authority in the financial sector, but also knows exactly what an influencer needs. His deep understanding of the dynamics of influencer marketing makes him the ideal mentor for developing your own business.